1957 Standard Super 10 Standrive


The standard motor cars were know as exactly that, a standard motor but over the years they have proven to be a very reliable little motor car at an entry level price. This one features the Standrive transmission with a push button on the top of the gear stick lever which acts as a semi automatic - a very advanced tool of its time. This is a very clean and tidy example with the original manuals, jack and spares. A sound piece of English history.





1949 MG YT

The MG Y Tourer are known as a very rare collectable MG. Between 1947 and 1953 there were 8,336 Y types produced and 877 of these were open tourers. The MG YT was launched at the Motor show in 1948 it was available for export only in both right hand drive and left hand drive models. It is believed that there is only around 200 left world wide and a very small number of these are based in Australia and are the original right hand drive. This particular 1949 MG has benefited from a new interior. The MG Y's are known for their independent front suspension, 1250cc OHV 4 cylinder engine and a 4 speed center change gear box. This vehicle was restored in the early 80's and is now showing a lovely patina.


1934 Triumph Gloria


This 1934 Gloria has a wonderful history. It was a special order for Triumph's Managing Director Claude Holbrook who owned the Triumph Dealership in Melbourne at the time. In 1966 Mr Don Bain tracked the car down and purchased it.  Don Bain and his father Bud then restored the car over a 15 year period which at the time they called the finest little Saloon in the land. Don Bain was also a Triumph dealer in Melbourne during the early years.

* This vehicle has a 4 cylinder 1087cc Coventry climax engine.

* Overhead inlet and side exhaust.

* It has a four speed gear box with special free wheel selection a feature of which allows clutch less gear changing in heavy and slow traffic.

* It has 12 inch lock head hydraulic brakes on all four wheels.

* The body was made by Ruskin Body Work LTD in Melbourne.

* Chassis #673.

This car was invited to the MotorClassica in 2011 at Melbourne. It is believed to be one of only 5 in the world of its body shape. This is a part of my private collection and is the first time I have offered it for sale. It is listed close the the insured price.

Please take the time to read the article on my 'In the press' section about this Triumph and its history, a very rare car for Australia in deed. Pre 1940 Triumphs are a very sought after commodity in the world. This vehicle has appeared in many articles and books have been written featuring this particular car.



Chevrolet Independence AE Sports Roadster

This right hand drive built 1931 Chevrolet AE Independence Sports Roadster was classified as the top of the range Chev for its year. This particular model is 6 wheel equipt and features the rumble seat which sets it apart from a standard roadster of it's era. It has had a high quality ground up restoration; the paint, trim, hood, full wet weather equipment all present beautifully. The strong 6 cylinder engine has benefited from being rebuilt and is now running on straight unleaded. It has a 3 speed transmission and is also fitted with the optional extra luggage rack and trunk as well as wind reflectors. This car runs and drives beautifully and is a pleasure to take on long trips. There were very limited numbers of the sports roadsters built in 1931 due to 'The Great Depression'. The Independence Roadster is rated by many motoring enthusiasts as one of the best Chev's of all time. This vehicle was part of a private collection and is offered for sale for the first time in 30 years.

1926-25 Buick Tourer

This 1926-25 Buick Tourer right hand drive built car has a fisher body. It has the original compliance plate featured on the firewall. It has had a full restoration some time ago and was loved and looked after by its previous owner. The Buick name is strong in motoring history due its introduction of a 4 wheel braking system and 6 cylinder motor; at least 4 years before its competitors including Chevrolet. This particular tourer featuring 4 wheel brakes, 60hp OHV engine has a very strong motor and is very reliable. It has benefited from the work carried out by its previous owner. The roof and wet weather gear presents like new. The seats and trim present very well and it has most recently 5 new genuine white wall Firestone tires added so that it is carrying double spares on the back. This would make a very nice touring vehicle for club events.

1952 FX Holden


This is the car that started it all for Holden. It is known as the 48 - 215 or the FX Holden. It was launched at the motor show in 1948 many thought it wouldn't work because it was the first car that was ever built not on a chassis. The rest of the world laughed and said when you tow a boat or a caravan that it would fall apart. They were wrong this changed the whole way car companies manufactured motor cars no longer building them on a chassis.  It was a new era of motoring history. This vehicle was part of a private collection in a museum. It has the  miles showing on the clock being 31,520. It has always been garaged in the museum and was kept on full registration and has some very unique features;  nasco accessories including the original radio, beautiful grey interior, 4 brand new tires and it is still featuring the original black and yellow number plates ***GMH - 215*** which are in very good condition and on their own would be valued between $5,000.00 to $10,000.00. A vehicle like this with original low miles and being the first of the Holden brand will only increase in value making it a very usable investment.



1954 Volkswagen Oval Window Bug

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This model - 1954 is the first of the oval windscreen beetles. This little oval window bug was previously displayed in a museum and has had a costly restoration to a concourse standard. It has won many trophy's and presents better than what it would have from new as the photos show. It is still featuring the original AM radio and comes with many accessories including a 'car and bonnet bra', original VW tool box and tools, original jack and the original wind reflector. By 1954 the beetles benefited from the increase in engine size to 1200cc which supplied a full 36hp this was 11hp more than it's predecessor's which only gave a full output of 25hp. Internally the trim, seats and hood lining present themselves like brand new. In recent years the split windscreen and oval window bugs have become very collectible and are a sourced commodity due to their increasing value. This vehicle is absolutely beautiful.