1928 Rolls Royce 20hp



The Rolls Royce company gives each vehicle a number which identifies it for all of it's life. The identification number for this beautiful old Rolls is GBM55. This model was manufactured between 1922 - 1929, the number of vehicles built in this period was only 2940 a very low number due to being a higher end vehicle.

The engine is a 20hp, 6 cylinder overhead valve motor with a 3 inch bore, 4 1/4 inch stroke and a 4.6 compression ratio. The engine number is a very low U91.

The weight of the Chassis is 2,300 pounds it has a wheel base of 129 inches. It has the unique 4 forward gear gate change on the right hand side next to the drivers door (as standard for this model).

This vehicle has a very well documented history with all the owners listed in the 3 large folders collected over the years. It was fitted with a new coach built body earlier on in it's years as common with most Rolls of it's era. This 6 wheel equip Rolls has just got oodles of patina. It still attracts a great deal of attention and admiring stares when out on a run. It has been a very reliable old vintage for the past owners and will continue too for the new owner it finds. In most recent years it has been on display at the Australian Motor Museum (as pictured) where the old owner would visit and start it regularly.

The current market valuation on this vehicle is $60,000. In my opinion being so well look after and having had recent Museum history makes it an ideal investment opportunity.