1912 Baker Electric

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Purchased by George in 2001 from John Olsen of Victoria. John Olsen bought the car, which was once owned by the Holmes a Court family, at an auction in 1993. He spent more than a thousand hours restoring the vehicle. The Baker Motor Company operated in Ohio between 1899 and 1914. At the turn of the century about 38% of cars were electric. They were less scary than steam, less smelly than gasoline, easy to start and didn't require gear changes. Powered by lead acid and lead zinc batteries stored in front and back compartments they could travel 50-60 miles.

They were very popular as city cars where changing the batteries was not a problem. This Baker has a set of recently replaced high-tech lithium batteries in the rear compartment, freeing up the front for a picnic basket or other luggage. Steering is a by a tiller from a rear seat. The car has been fully serivced and was last driven on the 15th July 2019 and is operating well. Watch video!