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1925 Chevrolet K Superior Roadster

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This is a collectible model and very nice original example of a early model Chev, known as the Doctors Roadster
The early model Chevrolets were known for their reliability and performance worldwide.
The motor was rebuilt with receipts in 2002, at this time there was a couple of modifications to make it operate a little better this being it was converted from 6v to 12v, and a new slightly larger radiator core fitted so this vehicle does not get hot on a summer's day.

The Chev Roadsters were only built in small numbers and this is a very nice example if you're after a early model Chev.


1939 Buick

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This 39 Buick is a wonderful example previously owned by the Boyce family in Canberra for many years a family that is well known for their wonderful large collection of Buicks.

A restoration that has just been completed three months ago on this vehicle prior to this it was a very original Holden bodied Buick Sedan, when restoring this vehicle the intention was to keep the vehicle as original as possible without modifications.

As you can tell by the photos there has been a wonderful job done and it was a very costly exercise.
We are now trying to find the right owner for this vehicle and somebody that can appreciate all the hard work and effort that has gone into retaining and restoring this vehicle to its original standard.

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1937 Chevrolet Sloper

Classic Car For Sale

This is a 1937 Chevrolet Holden bodied Sloper.
Looking at the Holden bodied badge on the vehicle it is number three off the production line making this one of the more collectible models.
This vehicle is an all steel body and in very good order, The motor was rebuilt around 15 years ago and runs very well.
Built in very small numbers this is one for the collector being very original and unmodified.

Asking $21,850


1929 Cadillac Lasalle 7 Passenger

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This is a lovely vehicle that has just finished a lengthy restoration and was only completed six months ago, to my knowledge it was all restored properly with lots of money spent and was restored back to original specifications.

It has got a strong V8 Cadillac motor, Beautiful leather interior,and is complete with wire wheels bumpers and driving lights and much more.

This vehicle is part of a small collection of around 15 vehicles and is being offered for sale for the first time in many years.

Call for more information $79,850


1926 Hudson Super Six

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This is a lovely original vehicle with many period extras the last owner had this vehicle in his possession for 35 years it was always garage well looked after and serviced and there has been money that has been spent on this vehicle recently.

The early model Hudson super six were a upmarket vehicle and were known for their power this one has been very reliable and will continue to be as it is a very driveable vehicle.

If you are after a all-weather sedan that is complete with wire wheels,bumpers, luggage trunk, even the original rear numberplate light that you have to turn on from the outside of the car with the switch.

This model very rarely comes on the market in this condition and is ready for immediate fun.

1934 Daimler 15 Coupe

Classic Car For Sale


This is a extremely rare 1934 Daimler 15 coupe and we are very pleased to have this in our possession.

This vehicle was built in Melbourne by the famous Martin and King bodybuilders more known for their hand built body work on Rolls-Royces.(research Martin and King bodybuilders)

This is a very rare motor car it was in the possession of the last owner for a period of 53 years,the photos show it is almost totally original only showing 63,000 original miles from new as you can see the leather seats are in extremely good condition for their age, this vehicle comes with the original attached trunk and key,still even having the correct sunvisors from new,we believe this vehicle has been repainted at some stage earlier on and still present in good order.

This Daimler is a six cylinder model, having the 1805cc Engine, and a preselect-gearbox, all the woodwork on and in this vehicle is in very good order and the doors shut like they would have from new.

This Daimler does come with a lot of money worth of spares,eg Spare complete Engine, Head, Preselect gearbox, Front grill, instrument panel,Axel, spare wire wheel, driveshaft, and many more items all come with this vehicle.

This vehicle has had money spent on it recently and is a very drivable Motor vehicle so if you are a collector of early model English vehicles this 2 door coupe maybe one that you need to add to your collection.


1929 Austin Seven Chummy

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This is a lovely little example of how on Austin seven should present, it is very original and has been restored back to original specs.
This one is a Holden body and is very unique, it still is retaining its Holden body badge as it would have had from new.
The last owner had many years of fun from this car and it never let him down, as you can see in the photos it is very complete with all the side curtains and all of its accessories.


1929 Austin Seven Wasp Sports

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This truly is a lovely little well restored and very collectable classic, this vehicle has a wonderful past having Australian museum history, when it was restored it was restored to be driven and this consisted of;
Sports exhaust system
Bigger valves
Four-speed Synchro gearbox
A bigger oil sump
A bigger all pump
Hotter Cam
SU carburettor
Higher compression head
1. 3/8" crankshaft
Linked brakes
Rear springs
Since this vehicle has been restored it is now a very well sort after Austin seven sports, the last owner has always claimed that this vehicle will sit on 50mp all day.


1953 Ford Anniversary Model Customline

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This vehicle seems to be in very good order, The last owner said that this was a body off the chassis when doing the restoration we believe that the interior and the engine was done at the same time.
The V8 customline is now becoming very collectible this one in right hand drive is a very good example.


1937 Chevrolet Sloper Coupe

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This is a very rare car and built in very small numbers, this one is a Holden body and this particular shape was the only one built here in Australia, not too many of these two door Slopers are left as most of them have unfortunately been modified. This vehicle presents a great opportunity for somebody that wants to retain some Australian history and have a non-modified vehicle.

1983 WB Holden Statesman Deville


This is a very original WB Holden statesman Deville, it  has been a very honest and reliable car for the same owner for many years, previously and inland vehicle currently on full New South Wales registration.
The seats, trim, body, chrome and engine are all in good order.
These old Statesmans with the automatic and 5Lt V8 are known for their reliability and are now starting to gain in value.

Asking Now $11,850

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1927 Chevrolet Tourer


This nice old Chev has had a full restoration at some stage.
It was it restored to original specs and has a nice colour combination.
It drives well and has been very reliable for many is for the previous car club owner.
If you're after a nice little Chevrolet touring vehicle at the right price call us now on.

Asking - $14,850
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1937 Cadillac 75 Fleetwood


Very rare Holden bodied vehicle, it's believed that there was only 15 of these vehicles built.
This vehicle seems to be very original and has a wonderful history.

It is believed that this vehicle was originally purchased by the Victorian Government for the then railways commissioner, it is also believed at the time the commissioner was chauffeur driven in this vehicle.
Previously sold in Queensland for $75k around 10 years ago and we believe this is a wonderful piece of Australian history.

Asking $44,850