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1923 Jewett

Made by Paige Motor co.

Powered by a 6 cyclinder, 4 litre side valve Lycoming engine which has a convential
battery/coil ignition system. It has a 3 speed gate change transmission.
A typical 20's classy American touring car.

1910 Hupmobile Model 20 -Torpedo Body

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A 4 cyclinder 20 HP side valve engine drives the 2 speed transmission through disc clutch plates.
Ignition is by oil drip feed which is controlled by the throttle position.

Rear suspension is a single transverse spring. An acetylene generator on the running board supplies gas to the headights.
The side and rear lamps are kerosene and a brass plate on the dash states

1908 Clement Talbot Twin Cylinder

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This car was purchased in the 1960's in a restored condition.
Insurance papers from the 1970 show its body type as Tourer Roi De Belge, Engine Number 696.
Entry to the rear seat is provided by the passenger front seat pivoting out from the body.

It is powered by a  2 cyclinder engine. The 4 Speed transmission operates through a tapered cone clutch inside the fly wheel. Ignition is by magento. Lubrication is by hand pump oiling box on the dash.
A similar car with a 4 cyclinder engine was the first car to cross Australia from Adelaide to Darwin in 1908.

1912 Baker Electric

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Purchased by George in 2001 from John Olsen of Victoria. John Olsen bought the car, which was once owned by the Holmes a Court family, at an auction in 1993. He spent more than a thousand hours restoring the vehicle. The Baker Motor Company operated in Ohio between 1899 and 1914. At the turn of the century about 38% of cars were electric. They were less scary than steam, less smelly than gasoline, easy to start and didn't require gear changes. Powered by lead acid and lead zinc batteries stored in front and back compartments they could travel 50-60 miles.

They were very popular as city cars where changing the batteries was not a problem. This Baker has a set of recently replaced high-tech lithium batteries in the rear compartment, freeing up the front for a picnic basket or other luggage. Steering is a by a tiller from a rear seat. The car has been fully serivced and was last driven on the 15th July 2019 and is operating well. Watch video!



1908 IHC Auto Buggy

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Powered by a 20 HP twin, opposed air cooled motor with 5" bore and stroke, overhead valves, lying underneath the middle of the body. A hand clutch on the gear handle engages the transmission which has a chain drive to the primary axle, thence by the chains again to the rear wheel sprockets. Ignitio is by the battery and tembler coil. The crank handle is on the side under the running board.

Lubrication was quite advances for its time, being force fed to 10 points of the motor. A freewheeling device prevents
using the motor for braking. Top speed 20 MPH.

1976 Bristol 412

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Designed by Zagato.
Produced from 1975 to 1978 in very low numbers.
It is believed that there was only 24 of these series 1 412? Bristol’s produced.
They were powered by the Chrysler 400ci V8 engine and had a Tourqeflite three speed auto.
Very unique body style with the targa top that also folded down.
They say these vehicles were built to Aircraft standard having being handbuilt with a steel chassis and an aluminium body.
Certainly are a pleasure to drive with the Chrysler 400ci V8 Engine and the four barrel downdraught carburettor.
Previously sold by the Healey factory in Melbourne a great car that has been garage ever since.
Call for more details photos and information.

1963 EH Holden Sedan

1963 yes not 1964 Holden EH sedan.
Rust free car previously lived in land.
One of the earliest model EH Holden that I am aware of that is going around Body Number -180.
This is what they call a PMG model master general vehicle.
It comes with the original sales receipt from new and has an unusual code not seen very often before called the S1
Many original and unique features not seen on the usual EH Holden.
Full New South Wales registration for brand-new tyres. $21,850