About Us

Adam Thomas is a motoring enthusiast. Motoring history goes back as far as the early 1960's and this has been passed down to develop the strong mechanical knowledge and motoring history that Adam has today. Over the years he has been an active member of many car clubs; one of the highlights was holding car shows and working closely with NRMA to boost the profile of motoring history in Australia as well as using these events to donate over $17,500.00 to local Cancer organisations. Adam has also helped to write articles for several publications, done numerous radio interviews and has worked with some well known identities on boosting the Motoring history profile in Australia.

Over the years we have had a lot of famous vehicles in our possession, one of the most recognised vehicles which was previously owned by the Empire Film Production Company and was a gorgeous 1937 Dodge Sloper. This particular vehicle appeared in many movies some of the more popular ones were 'A town like Alice' and 'Gone with the Wind'. In most recent years we have been lucky enough to have had some of our vehicles selected for Film and TV productions.
Adam has his own large collection of motor cars in storage. Adam believes it makes sound economic sense to invest in a commodity that over time has proven to only appreciate in value and feels it is much wiser to purchase a right hand drive vehicle to be driven in Australia under right hand drive conditions. Following on from this Adam also feels it is far wiser to spend a little more and purchase a restored product than to restore something yourself and realise that the cost far out weighs the return.
We have the largest showroom of vintage and classic cars between Sydney, Melbourne and across to Canberra. A large number of our vehicles are sold either interstate or internationally, this is a very simple process and we can assist with fright or shipping. With a minimum of 15 classics in stock at any given time. Please call our sales team for free advice and take the time to look through the vehicles listed on our site. With a large range of vehicles on hand coming and going regularly we are sure you will find what your looking for.



 Adam Thomas and Frankie J Holden from channel ten working together on a fundraising event.



 Adam Thomas at the 2011 Motorclassic with his 1934 Triumph Gloria Saloon (one of 5 in the world) standing with the famous Don Kinsey MC for the day and well known radio and TV presenter.


Adam Thomas with Dick Smith and his 1939 Chevrolet Woody. A treasure that Dick Smith has hidden that not too many have seen.

Adam Thomas with former Australian of the Year Dick Smith and a Locomobile steam car that Adam sourced for him.



Councillor David Hede and Dick Smith in the rumble seat of Adam Thomas's 1930 Chevy Roadster.


Adam Thomas and his wife at a Classic Car show hosted by Adam which saw $17.5k donated to The Bega Oncology Department and Can Assist.


Today show Stevie Jacobs

Adam and his 1929 Baby Austin 7 with Channel 9's Today show weather presenter Stevie Jacobs (and Jemma the dog).


 Today Show Stevie Jacob

Adam with Stevie Jocobs from Channel 9 filming the Today Show with Adams vintage cars.


Adam pictured with Sir Jack Brabham legendary racing car driver and guest speaker at the 2012 RACV Motorclassica International Concours d'Elegance Motor show


Adam Thomas pictured with his invited 1950 Riley Drophead Coupe at the opening night of the 2012 RACV Motorclassica International Concours d'Elegance Motor show


Adam Thomas with Frankie J Holden who just purchased this lovely 1955 FJ Holden Sedan from a buyer through Adam. This vehicle will be added to Frank's collection.


Adam pictured with his 1926 Rugby R Tourer 6 cylinder sold in November 2012 to Billionaire Clive Palmer.

Will be on display in the near future at the Palmer Coolum resort Motor Museum in Queensland.




Adam Thomas filming with Frankie J Holden from Channel 7


Adam Thomas with the host of what's up down under and his 1939 Buick



Adam with his wife Belinda at the 2016 motorClassica with two of his vehicles on display.



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